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West Midlands Combined Authority

With the aim to help Creative Businesses in the West Midlands, the Creative Scale-up programme is targeted at supporting Access to Finance, Marketing and Branding, Value and Pricing, Intellectual Property and Contract Law and Sales, Pitching and Presenting support. The Creative Scale Up Programme is a £1.3 million 2-year programme funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport comprising of a series of workshops, seminars and peer to peer mentoring sessions, businesses from across the West Midlands. 

Working with any creative business in the region with ambitions to grow and ‘scale up’, the Creative Scale Up programme represents businesses from across such sectors as screen, gaming, VR, AI, performing arts, marketing and events, PR and design. 

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Digital and Creative Syndicate of Minerva Business Angels

On Tuesday September 29th West Midlands Combined Authority held the inaugural meeting of the Digital and Creative Syndicate of Minerva Business Angels. This is a brand new partnership that has arisen between the WM Creative Scale Up Programme and Minerva Business Angels, and the first time that a dedicated investor group with a specific interest in the investability of Digital and Creative Businesses has existed in the West Midlands region. 

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The Bullring

West Midlands Creative Scale Up Programme also works with Rockfine Group who run pitching event sessions for known as ‘The Bullring.’ A number of businesses on the WM CSU Programme have also taken part in these sessions, often as a pre-cursor to attending a more formal meeting with investors at the Digital and Creative Syndicate.

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Local Updates

Looking to Invest in the West Midlands' Creative Sector?

If you are looking to dive into the West Midlands’ extensive creative sector, get in touch today.

To network with fellow investors and explore the latest deal flow contact: Clare Green | Creative & Digital Communities Manager | Innovation Group | University of Warwick |

The find out more about the West Midlands Creative Scale Up Programme and hear about the fantastic programme of investment readiness activities that have taken place: Fiona Latter | Creative Scale Up Programme Lead | West Midlands Combined Authority |